Prince Philip’s Unkind Nickname for Meghan Markle Revealed

As it happens, the late Prince Philip had a less than flattering moniker for the Duchess of Sussex. He called Meghan Markle the “Duchess of Windsor,” comparing her to Wallis Simpson, according to a royal expert.

In case you don’t know, Wallis Simpson was an American divorcee who later rose to become the Duchess of Windsor. When King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in 1936 to wed her, it created quite a sensation. Royals were not permitted to wed divorced people back then.

In their years together, Wallis and Edward were well-known and even traveled to Nazi Germany, where they famously greeted Adolf Hitler with the Nazi salute. Prince Philip observed resemblances between them and Prince Harry and Meghan.

In an interview, royal writer Ingrid Seward disclosed that Prince Philip, who was renowned for his keen assessment of character, couldn’t help but notice the similarities. He referred to Meghan by her moniker, “DOW,” which stands for Duchess of Windsor.

Meghan was viewed as possibly disruptive by Prince Philip, but Queen Elizabeth II had “high hopes” for her. The royal family may have been tense due to differing opinions about Meghan’s influence and function.


Following their move to California and resignation from their royal duties, Meghan and Harry have maintained a low profile. Meghan is anticipated to remain in the US in order to avoid controversy and to guarantee her safety and tranquility, while Harry intends to travel to the UK for the Invictus Games.

Meghan is obviously putting her privacy and well-being first in spite of the continuous attention she encounters.

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