Male nurse has absolutely no clue that he’s on camera as he decided to grant his old patient’s final ever wish

Families frequently decide to place their elderly loved one in a nursing home when they become too sick to care for themselves. Sadly, these individuals may quickly find themselves in a hospice, where they are expected to get excellent care in the closing weeks or months of their lives, if they become unwell or terminally ill.

The problem is that not many people are positive about hospice care. We frequently come across reports of elderly residents at these homes being mistreated and ignored. In actuality, though, we shouldn’t draw broad conclusions from single instances, as the video below demonstrates.

One final request was made by a dying voice instructor. She wanted to hear the nurse, who was also her old student, sing one final time for her. We are both genuinely delighted by his lovely voice, as is she.


We are happy that there are still kind and kind people like this nurse. They undoubtedly help us to trust people again.

What a lovely voice! She must have been an incredible educator! ❤” God be with you! Someone made a remark.

“This man is a gift from God. An ideal illustration of utilizing a gift from God to console people around him. Magnificent and selfless!” One more individual mentioned.

This will undoubtedly contribute to a shift in public perception of hospice care.

Please watch the video that is below. It’s really moving!

Since Maria is sadly no longer with us, the entire video is much more poignant.

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