Kelly Clarkson’s Ex Fires Back After $2.6 Million Lawsuit: The Inside Scoop

Recently, Brandon Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson’s former manager and ex-husband, has reacted to the lawsuit she filed against him. In her lawsuit, Clarkson argued that she was entitled to more than the $2.6 million that a labor commissioner had determined Blackstock owed her for abusing his managerial power. But Blackstock has asked for Clarkson’s lawsuit to be dismissed, refuting every accusation made against him.

In 2020, when Clarkson and Blackstock were divorcing, their legal battle commenced. The situation worsened when Clarkson was sued by Blackstock’s management company, Starstruck Management, for unpaid commissions. Clarkson responded by filing paperwork alleging labor law violations by Blackstock, Starstruck, and his accomplices. Following their divorce in 2022, Clarkson was mandated to pay Blackstock a one-time sum as well as monthly child maintenance.

According to the labor commissioner’s decision from November 2023, Blackstock and Starstruck Management had broken the Talent Agencies Act in California. According to the act, managers need the assistance of a qualified agent in order to seek work for artists. December of that year saw the filing of an appeal by Blackstock and company.

In her most recent petition, Blackstock claims that since she must abide by the commissioner’s decision, Clarkson’s complaint ought to be dismissed. Additionally, the complaint claims that the allegedly unlawful proceeds have already been deposited into the joint holdings of Clarkson and Blackstock. Moreover, it contends that the damages need to be decreased in proportion to any extra damages that Clarkson might get.

The court’s next move in the continuing lawsuit between Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock is still to be seen. But one thing is certain—this case has taken a convoluted and divisive turn.

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