America Should Listen to This Marine Because He Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Expressing Our gratitude to Our Military Heroes

We owe our military people a great deal of thanks. Our freedom has been guaranteed by their sacrifices, a debt we will never be able to pay off. But we can express our gratitude to them every day, not just on Memorial or Veteran’s Day.

A Unique Rendition

Get ready to be astounded by a phenomenal performance of “God Bless America” that you have never heard before. I promise you that this incredible performance will make you shiver, make you proud, and give you the energy of dynamite. It is a potent reminder of the great admiration we have for our armed forces.

Honoring a Singing Troops

I knew this singing soldier would be something exceptional the moment I heard about him. But I had no idea how exceptional he would turn out to be. Being part of something as poignant as this performance is not something that happens very often. You will want to shake hands and give this US Marine a salute at the end of his incredible performance. You’ll surely experience a wave of patriotism as well.

The Background of “God Bless America”

The phrase “God Bless America” has a rich past. Irving Berlin originally penned it as a prayer, and the legendary Kate Smith sang it to life in 1938. If you don’t know, Kate Smith had an incredible five-decade career and was dubbed the First Lady of Radio. She gained notoriety during World War II and was dubbed “The Songbird of the South” for her patriotic and cultural contributions to the United States.

Irving Berlin: A Musical Tributary

The man known for saying “God bless America,” Irving Berlin, had a similarly amazing backstory. At the young age of five, he left Russia to go to America under the name “Israel Beilin.” He had composed hundreds of songs by the time he turned thirty, several of them went on to become big blockbusters.


Berlin wrote an estimated 1,500 songs throughout the course of his remarkable 60-year career, including scores for 20 Broadway productions and 15 Hollywood motion pictures. There were eight Academy Award nominations for his compositions. Understanding the background of this hardworking and accomplished American artist gives “God Bless America” a deeper meaning.

Observing a Display of Pride and Vigor

Take a look at the video below and let yourself get swept up in the obvious pride and electric enthusiasm that this Marine exudes. Watch out for the amazing scene that starts at 1:48; it will definitely cause you to stand up. Indeed, God bless America. Amen.

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