8 Easy Ways to Keep Snakes Away from Your Yard

Do you not like snakes? Do their slithering movements around your yard frighten you? You’re in luck, though! Without the need of harsh chemicals or brutal tactics, there are a number of easy and compassionate ways to keep snakes out of your yard. Let’s examine them now!

1. Cut Off Their Food Source

Fruit, birdseed, rodents, and mice all draw the attention of snakes. Make sure your compost bin is well shut, and keep bird feeders away from your house to deter birds from entering your yard.

2. Grow Lemongrass

Did you know that the scent of lemongrass irritates snakes? Not only would it discourage snakes from entering your yard, but it will also keep mosquitoes at bay.

3. Citrus-Based Fix

Orange or lemon rinds can be used to make a citrus solution that works wonders. To apply the remedy to patio furniture, decks, and porch stairs, just soak the fruit in water for a full day. It won’t be wise for snakes to approach too closely!

4. Keep Your Yard Maintained

Snakes enjoy hiding in plant patches and trash mounds. To lessen their hiding places and discourage them from making your yard their home, keep it neat and well-kept.

5. Keep Your House Secure

Seal up any gaps in the foundation, doors, and windows to keep snakes out of your yard and even into your house. Remember to inspect your window screens for any gaps as well.

6. Make Your Own Snake Repellent

Steer clear of chemical-laden snake repellents, which can be detrimental to both plants and your loved ones. Instead, use equal parts clove and cinnamon oil to make an all-natural repellant. Apply this mixture to the outside of your house, the deck, and any other places where snakes might hide.

7. Candles

Mothballs work well not just to ward off insects but also snakes. Plant them around the back porch and foundation of your house, but use caution because they can be highly toxic to dogs and children. Ensure they are outside their grasp.


8. Move Them

Consider use humane snake traps as a last option. Release a snake you catch in a forested place far from your house. In this manner, the snake and your yard are both kept safe.

You can enjoy your yard without fear of encountering any sly visitors if you adhere to these simple procedures. Enjoy your outdoor areas with peace of mind and avoid encounters with snakes!

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