Watch Out – Don’t Touch The Bottle. This Is A New Carjacking Method That Thieves Use

In our fast-paced lives, it’s critical to be aware of potential hazards, particularly in terms of our own and our vehicles’ safety. Here’s a safety tip you should constantly keep in mind: if you find a plastic bottle trapped between the tire and the chassis of your car, be cautious.

A Novel Technique for Carjacking

The use of a water bottle as a signal device is one of the many inventive and successful techniques that thieves frequently devise. First employed in Limpopo, South Africa, this method has swiftly expanded to the US and other nations.

Exposing the Carjacking Plan

It’s critical to comprehend the operation of this carjacking approach in order to defend yourself. The water bottle is purposefully placed on the front passenger-side wheel by the carjackers so that you won’t see it when you get in the vehicle.

It startles you to hear the sound of the empty plastic bottle being crushed as you turn on your car. You would pause, of course, to see what you might have hit. This is when the vehicle thief seizes the opportunity. When the car is running and you have inadvertently left your keys in the ignition, the burglar can easily get inside and take off. Alternatively, they might use your preoccupation to steal whatever items you’ve left behind, such wallets or cell phones. You run the risk of getting hurt when you get out of the automobile to look around further.

Safeguarding Yourself and Your Vehicle

Avoid becoming a victim of this carjacking tactic by exercising caution and staying alert. Take a time to check your wheels for any abnormalities before getting into your automobile. Exercise caution if you notice a water bottle trapped between your tire and the frame.


Keep in mind that you can be the target of a potential thief. Remain composed and covertly call 911 to report your circumstances and voice your worries for your safety. Give them your exact location as well as specifics about your vehicle.

Stay Vigilant in an Increasingly Complex World

It’s critical to prioritize your safety and maintain vigilance in the complex environment of today. Understanding this novel carjacking method that makes use of plastic bottles can help you lower the dangers to both you and your vehicle. Never lose sight of the fact that your safety comes first.

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