Robert Downey Jr.: The Real-Life Iron Man on a Mission to Clean up Earth

It’s obvious that we could need a superhero to save the day given the environmental risks that our world is currently experiencing. And what do you know? We might have Robert Downey Jr. as one. No, we’re not referring to his motion picture character Iron Man. Downey Jr. is standing up to change the course of history on Earth.

Downey Jr. intends to use artificial intelligence to help clean up our planet, which would make Tony Stark proud. He recently declared the founding of The Footprint Coalition, an organization dedicated to employing AI technology to clean up the entire globe in ten years.

Though this may sound like something from a science fiction film, Downey Jr. genuinely thinks AI may be used for the benefit of society. Speaking about it at the Amazon Re: Mars conference, he shared his conviction that AI-powered robotics and nanotechnology can drastically lessen environmental harm.

“Within ten years, we could drastically, if not completely, clean up the planet with AI,” Downey Jr. exclaimed. He also conveyed his appreciation to the experts and scientists who have made this large-scale endeavor feasible.

Although Downey Jr. has not yet provided many specifics, the Footprint Coalition is scheduled to start in 2020. There is currently a website where people may follow this great project’s development.

So, what are everyone’s thoughts? In ten years, can Iron Man really clean up our planet? We should all commend Robert Downey Jr. for standing up where it is sorely needed; it is undoubtedly an inspiring endeavor.

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To find out more about Robert Downey Jr.’s vision, watch the video below:

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