Michael Strahan’s Daughter Isabella Faces New Challenges During Chemo for Brain Tumor

Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella is tenaciously fighting a brain tumor and going through her second round of chemotherapy. Isabella recently posted a video on YouTube detailing her therapy at Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center in North Carolina, as well as the new ailments she has been dealing with.

Isabella has become used to the setup for her treatments even though she still fears needles. She said, “I feel like I would have said, ‘Pshh, I hate needles, what?'” if you had told her that she would be doing this in the summer. My greatest dread is this. Needles terrify me. But I think I grew accustomed to them.

Unfortunately, Isabella has new difficulties every time she goes to the hospital. “I feel like I have a different problem every time I come here,” she said. Last time, my head was involved. Isabella talked of the agony that resulted in her second craniotomy. She can no longer walk without experiencing dizziness or shortness of breath.

Isabella revealed some progress she’s made along the way, all with an optimistic outlook. She had experienced nausea in the past and occasionally was unable to eat anything. She now quips that she is eating two full meals a day since she is “in the mood for food.”

In order to alleviate a side effect of her chemotherapy medication, Isabella uses cold treatment, which involves immersing her hands and feet in ice buckets. This aids in the prevention of neuropathy, a disorder resulting from damage to the nerves that impairs limb movements and sensations. “This is what the world wants to see!” Isabella’s twin sister Sophia made light of the situation by participating in this therapy with her.

Throughout her health battle, Isabella has inspired us with her bravery and dedication. Let’s stand by her side and help her overcome this difficult brain tumor.

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