Kelly Ripa shares her concern for her senior dog on Live with Kelly and Mark

Viewers tune in to Live with Kelly and Mark, which is hosted by Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, the real-life couple. Every morning. Additionally, Kelly disclosed on today’s episode that she couldn’t stop worrying about their 17-year-old dog, who just had a “really bad day.”

Chewie, a 17-year-old rescue dog who Kelly and Mark acquired back in May 2007, makes them proud parents. CelebrityPets reports that the pair gave this cute dog a forever home.

Kelly voiced her worries about their cherished senior dog on the show this morning. She revealed that the previous day, Chewie had displayed some concerning habits. Kelly informed Mark and the audience, “Our dog Chewie, who is very, very old now, was really disoriented,” Decider said.

Being the kind spouse that he is, Mark made an effort to reassure Kelly that this was typical behavior for a dog Chewie’s age. He remarked, “She was just having a day; she’s 17 years old.” Kelly, however, was unable to get over her worry and mentioned that Chewie was having a “really bad day.”

She clarified, “I’m concerned.” “I wish I wasn’t here. I have the want to return home. Witnessing a loving pet battle the hardships of old age is heartbreaking. Kelly revealed, “She stumbled into a wall yesterday and lost her balance.” It’s just one of those things that happens to dogs as they age. It’s excruciating. It truly is agony. as she is unable to inform you.

Kelly went on to explain how Chewie speaks to her through her eyes. “She seems to be saying, ‘Ah. “Can you believe this?” she said in a lighthearted manner, copying the facial expressions of her dog. “I feel like I can’t!”

In an attempt to allay Kelly’s concerns, Mark said that Chewie appeared to be recovering well from the confusing event. “Last night, she jumped up on the bed and was sleeping between us,” he revealed. Kelly, though, was unable to ignore the diversion. “My brain is back home, so I’m just a little bit distracted this morning,” she said.

Kelly put on a brave face and carried on with the presentation as scheduled, despite her worries about Chewie. In addition to Chewie, Lena, a Maltese/Shih Tzu mix that Kelly and Mark acquired after seeing her in a Live broadcast, makes them proud dog parents.

In observance of National Puppy Day on March 23, Kelly sent a touching homage to her two cherished fur babies on social media. Many pet owners who have faced the difficult decision to leave their animals behind when they have to go to work but can’t help but worry about them could relate to this piece.

Having to leave for work when their thoughts are still with their furry pals at home is a scenario that many pet owners have experienced. It’s a difficult place to be, so we hope Chewie perseveres! To express your support for Kelly and Chewie, kindly share this article.

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