Kelly Clarkson: A Parent’s Perspective on Discipline

It can be difficult to discipline kids in a way that works for us as parents. It can be a highly contentious topic due to varying viewpoints. Kelly Clarkson is one well-known parent that uses spanking as a method of punishment. The gifted singer and TV personality recently discussed her opinions on spanking and how it has influenced her parenting style in a radio interview.

A Reasonable Strategy

Mother of two gorgeous kids, River Rose and Remy, Kelly Clarkson, revealed that she has no problem utilizing paddling as a form of discipline. She makes it clear, nonetheless, that she opposes severe or unwarranted physical punishment. Kelly, on the other hand, favors a well-rounded strategy and views slapping as a mild discipline when her kids disobey.

Accepting Her Background

Kelly notes that she was spanked by her own parents while growing up in Texas, where it is more frequently used as a form of discipline. She doesn’t think this kind of discipline is bad and doesn’t think it has any negative effects on her life. Actually, Kelly says she has a lot of character and is a well-rounded person, which she partly credits to the discipline she received.

Getting Around in Public

Kelly agrees that it can be difficult to discipline kids in public, particularly when there are people who may not agree with you about spanking. She nevertheless doesn’t waver in her conviction and doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with spanking when it’s appropriate. Kelly even quips in jest that you might see her scolding someone at the zoo.

Clearly Outlining Expectations

Kelly’s method includes open communication with her kids as a crucial component. She gives them a warning about the repercussions of their actions and the threat of a light spanking if they persist before using physical force. It has been demonstrated that this pre-discipline warning works to lower the incidence of misconduct.


Kelly Clarkson is adamant about disciplining her kids in accordance with her own principles, even though her parenting approach may not always coincide with those of groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics. In the end, each parent is free to select the forms of discipline that work best for their particular child.

We now look forward to hearing your opinions on this matter. Do you support Kelly Clarkson’s disciplinary strategy? Should parents be allowed to select the forms of discipline that work best for them? Please let us know by commenting on our Facebook page.

To find out more about Kelly Clarkson’s viewpoint on effective parenting, watch this video.


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