How To Make A Super Effective Mosquito Trap

Summer is a great season with loads of sunshine, beach days, and backyard cookouts. However, mosquitoes are one thing that may easily ruin the fun. Nothing ruins a pleasant evening on the terrace like a swarm of these ruthless bugs. The most annoying thing in the world, in my opinion, is the sound of a mosquito complaining in my ear. It would make any one shudder.

Mosquitoes can be repelled in a small area by lighting a citronella candle, but I don’t want them near me. What then is the remedy? The term “Skeeterbag” was first introduced to me via a video that I saw on TikTok.

A mesh bag called the Skeeterbag is fastened to the rear of a 20-inch box fan. Mosquitoes become caught inside the bag when the fan is turned on, much like a little tornado. The bag is easily emptied once a week or as needed, and it can be reused often. It really is a brilliant idea.

The Skeeterbag functions best in outdoor areas where mosquitoes congregate, like those close to windows or outside lights, especially as dusk draws near. Since mosquitoes can bother animals as well, it’s also a great idea to apply it around livestock or other animals.

The fact that the Skeeterbag provides a natural mosquito repellent without the use of harsh chemicals is what I adore most about it. With the Skeeterbag, you don’t have to worry about our children or pets being harmed by standard insect repellents.

You may go to their website here to find out more information about the Skeeterbag or to make a purchase. For $25, it’s well worth the money to enjoy summertime without having to deal with disease-carrying insects.

Why not attempt the Skeeterbag then? Embrace a summer free of mosquitoes and bid adieu to those annoying ones!

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