Embracing Unconventional Love: The Man Who Found Happiness with a Ragdoll

Even in a world when the internet and cellphones allow us to communicate with a vast number of people, loneliness can still exist. This young man made a daring move that would astound many in an attempt to overcome his personal loneliness.

Columbian citizen Cristian Montenegro posts updates about his life on TikTok about his relationship with his partner Natalia and their kids. But there’s a unique twist to his love tale: his spouse is a ragdoll.

Cristian offers glimpses of his everyday life with Natalia on TikTok under the username @montbk5959. In a video honoring their first anniversary, he made a suggestion that they will soon get married. As with online trends, the video garnered attention and generated curiosity, but gradually it faded. But not too long after, Cristian was back in the news. This time he disclosed that Natalia had completed their family by giving birth to their third kid. Cristian hopes to portray Natalia and him as a fairly normal couple by disclosing personal information about their relationship and even introducing her to his family.

In the videos, Cristian and Natalia stroll and go shopping together, seeming like any other regular couple. He treasures the times when his rag doll kids watch TV or do their homework—activities that every parent can identify with.

Cristian’s inventiveness and devotion were further demonstrated when he posted a video of Natalia “giving birth” to their third child. Natalia is being attended to by a doll dressed in a doctor’s lab coat while she sleeps on a hospital bed wearing a gown. Cristian, overcome with passion, tears of delight, catching the essence of the fleeting moment. Cristian joyfully takes a selfie with his ragdoll soon after the baby is born.


Cristian perseveres despite people’s nasty remarks about his lifestyle or worries about his well-being. Cristian says, “If it weren’t for these dolls, I would feel more alone than anyone,” in reaction to the criticism. I mean, I have something at least.

This touching story asks us to accept the diversity of love and connections while questioning social standards. Thus, tell people about this amazing tale and let’s rejoice in the exquisite fabric of humankind!

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