Cameron Diaz, 51, Welcomes Baby Boy With Husband Benji Madden, 45

The 51-year-old Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz announced lately that she and her husband, Benji Madden, welcomed their second child, a son.

The couple announced their newest member, whom they called Cardinal, on Instagram. Benji and Cameron sent a combined message expressing their happiness and thankfulness at the arrival of their son. They also talked about how they decided not to share photos in order to protect their child’s privacy.

Their son’s arrival comes as a lovely surprise, as Cameron had previously stated that she was not immediately drawn to being a mother. But after marrying Benji and having their first child, a daughter named Raddix, in 2019, her viewpoint shifted.

Speaking on her perspective on growing older and raising a family, Cameron said she was looking forward to spending many years with her young children. Motivated by her strong familial lineage and the aspiration for a long and healthy life, she aspires to live to be 110 years old.

Being the “oldest mom” among her circle of girlfriends who have children, Cameron feels lucky to have such a strong support network. She is aware that every family is unique, but she also recognizes the difficulties that could come with parenting children later in life.


Making plans for the future and making sure their kids are safe as they grow up is crucial for aging parents. Despite having the financial means to support themselves as a movie star, Cameron understands that youngsters may feel pressured to put caring for others before their own aspirations.

In the end, Cameron Diaz’s 51-year-old journey into motherhood is a personal decision that she is incredibly happy with. She planned for her children’s future well-being while also savoring each minute they spend with her.

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