Brave Mom Fights Off Daughter’s Kidnapper

In this tale, a courageous mother demonstrates the lengths she will go to in order to keep her family safe. Adriana Alvarez, a 5’4″, 130-pound lady, repelled a man who attempted to steal her daughter in Queens, New York.

Adriana’s Ring doorbell camera, which is also a doorbell camera, recorded the event. A man identified as George Vassiliou can be seen waiting for Adriana’s daughter Lex to get home in the footage. Vassiliou grabbed Lex from behind as soon as she stepped into the building and attempted to push her down the steps.

But Adriana acted quickly after hearing her daughter’s cries. She rushed into the corridor and faced Vassiliou. “It’s my baby, you can’t take her,” she said. They struggled down four flights of stairs, Adriana striking and kicking him as she fought him off.

Adriana was also assisted by several neighbors. Someone even struck Vassiliou with a stick. When Adriana finally succeeded in bringing her kid to safety, they both cried out for assistance. Vassiliou was restrained by a courageous neighbor until the cops arrived.

Adriana and Lex were hurt during the fight. Adriana sustained nerve damage, a dislocated elbow and shoulder, and a cracked eye socket. Nevertheless, she takes pleasure in her wounds since she knows that she did everything within her power to keep her daughter safe.


Adriana says that Vassiliou and Lex used to be coworkers at a grocery store. Before he began acting strangely and unsettling her, they were friendly. He started pursuing her after she declined his advances, even going so far as to attempt and pick her up off the street. A restraining order against him resulted from this.

Vassiliou is currently being prosecuted for attempted abduction, assault, possessing a weapon, harassing others, and disobeying a protective order. To these accusations, he entered a not guilty plea.

This tale demonstrates the tenacity and devotion of a mother. Adriana Alvarez shown that she is not someone to trifle with when it comes to her family. Her acts are an inspiration to all of us because of her bravery and commitment in saving her daughter from a terrible scenario.

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