76-year-old grandmother proves age is just a number, despite online criticism

Although everyone has an opinion, sometimes it’s best to keep it to ourselves, as we all know. Sadly, a 76-year-old fashion influencer recently discovered how hurtful internet remarks can be when she posted a picture of herself wearing a midi sleeveless dress. Though there were many comments on the piece, not all of them were favorable.

Candace Cima said, “It’s not the first time this has happened, but this one surprised me.” “Age-appropriate fashion is still perceived by many in such an antiquated way, and this has to change.”

A joyful grandmother of eleven grandkids, Candace flaunted a brown knit sleeveless dress with confidence, teamed with a sweater. However, the comments section turned into a hostile critique forum.


“Some remarks, such as ‘This dress does nothing for you from the side and back,’ were upsetting. Shape fitting beneath the waist is not recommended. Celebrate every other aspect of your physique!,” a Facebook user commented. “The sweater on, not a fan of the dress,” said a second person.

Candace, though, wasn’t deterred. “Having wrinkles at the age of 76 is totally normal, and I don’t feel guilty about it,” she said. “There are moments when I want to reply, ‘Should I cover my face too, since I have wrinkles?'”


In 2019, Candace launched her fashion blog upon recognizing the dearth of representation for older women in the industry. “I saw a chance to discuss how to dress appropriately as you age. She said, “Women have been conditioned to believe they must hide because that is what their moms and grandmothers did.

“We must change the way we view aging. In the current world, we don’t have to follow these antiquated notions.

Candace ignored the innumerable offensive comments, preferring to give counsel to her more recent and impressionable followers. “Getting older is wonderful. It’s all there for you now, everything you’ve ever learned. Right now, you are the wisest you will ever be. Be proud of it and embrace it.

Age should never dictate what we feel good about ourselves or how we should dress. The tale of Candace serves as a reminder that confidence and style recognize no age restrictions. Let’s embrace the grace and knowledge that aging brings, and help one another to overcome antiquated preconceptions.

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