Woman Freaks After She Learns Her Arm Tattoo Has A Secret Meaning

In life, we will have to make a lot of decisions. Regardless of the choice, it is crucial to think things through beforehand. Remorse is the last thing we would want to find out later on from our investigation.


This is particularly true when making a major decision like getting a tattoo. The tattoo must be really personal, and we must make sure that every detail is perfect from start to finish.

There will inevitably be moments when someone regrets getting inked. Maybe they rushed into the choice the night they received it, or maybe they had too much to drink.

In that scenario, you might think about getting rid of the tattoo, but it might not be a great solution. It’s also a lot of work for not much benefit.

Brittany Lewin is a lady who knows all too well what it’s like to regret getting inked.

Her left arm bears a tattoo of a pineapple, which is where it all began. In a video, she described the triangle at the bottom as a representation of being a boss chick.

She only saw significance in the triangle since it represents her fortunate signal.

The pineapple is upside down as she rests her elbow on the table. That’s how social media portrays things.

A few individuals mentioned in their comments that they saw her upside-down tattoo and wondered if she understood its significance. Some simply felt she was doing what she did, even though they believed she knew it.

It turns out that having a pineapple in front of your house indicates that you are a swinger. So regrets are different, I suppose.

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