My future-wife’s bridesmaid sent me this picture of my wife and I cancelled the wedding

Nerves mixed with excitement as Jake and Lily, his future bride, got closer to their wedding day. The excitement of sharing their love with friends and family and the prospect of a lifetime together were growing. But Jake had no idea that Megan, Lily’s best friend and bridesmaid, had a dark scheme in the works. Engulfed in jealousy, Megan was unable to tolerate the joy that radiated from Lily and Jake. She couldn’t deal with the reality of their approaching marriage because she had secretly nurtured affections for Jake. Envious and determined to ruin their union, Megan devised a scheme to throw doubt on their important day.

In an attempt to sow doubt and superstition, Megan purposefully sent Jake a photo of Lily wearing her wedding gown a week before the nuptials. The warning was very clear: if the pair married, horrible things will happen to them. Jake was startled and unsettled by the unexpected sight, and his mind was filled with doubt.

Fearing the repercussions of dispelling the superstition Megan had sowed, Jake made the heartbreaking decision to call off the wedding, unable to shake the feeling of approaching disaster. Lily was shocked and devastated, not understanding why Jake would abruptly put off their wedding. After several months, Lily, Jake, and Megan’s relationship broke down. After Megan’s destructive influence, Lily and Jake had to rebuild their lives apart, and the once-inseparable foursome became estranged. In order to give themselves time to recover from the emotional upheaval brought on by the sudden cancelation, they chose to postpone the wedding indefinitely. After a year, Lily and Jake discovered that they were closer and stronger than before. They made the decision to give love another go and chose a more private ceremony free from the shackles of manipulating friends and superstitions. They decided to surround themselves with people who actually cared about their happiness, so Megan was no longer a part of their lives.

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