Man who filmed Prince William and Kate Middleton at farm shop speaks out for the first time

Speaking out is the man who became the first person to see Kate Middleton walking with her husband Prince William on camera after she had stomach surgery in January.

The royal couple was observed by 40-year-old Nelson Silva at the Windsor Farm Shop on Saturday afternoon when he was near the bread area. Silva didn’t realize he “knew” the woman until she turned to face him.

In the meat department, he found himself standing behind the pair and saw them interacting with the employees.

Although I couldn’t understand what they were saying, the personnel appeared to be pleasantly overworked. The girl behind the counter was so horrified when I went to pay for my goods that she was barely breathing,” he said to The Sun.

Everyone within was giddy with excitement. It was a very pleasant vibe.

Silva stepped outside to record a quick video for his family in Portugal after claiming he had no idea “Kate was so much in the news.”

As Kate and William made their way to the parking lot, I began to record. He saw that they were content and at ease with each other. “Kate was clearly under William’s protection, so I immediately stopped filming so as not to disturb them.”

His family was shocked by what they saw after he sent them the video over WhatsApp.

“They exclaimed, ‘She’s alive!'” Since last year, she has not been seen. My hobbies are going fishing and visiting my allotment; I’m not really into rumors and celebrities.

Kate Middleton

Silva didn’t understand his film may dispel the suspicions and conspiracy theories that have been floating around about Middleton for a few weeks until his family members and a colleague brought it up.

“After seeing Kate, it really hit me that, look, these are just two human beings,” he stated, expressing sympathy for her. “It is inappropriate for people to talk about this mother in this way; she has had surgery.”

“I believe that those that jump on the bandwagon and say hurtful things are doing so merely to gain likes. It is really depressing. I understand what it’s like to recover from surgeries.

Kate merely desired to stroll with her spouse. She appears good. “Draw a line under it now,” I would advise.

Prince William, Kate Middleton

A few short weeks prior to her scheduled abdominal surgery, Middleton’s last public appearance was on Christmas Day. She would not be returning to public service until Easter, according to Kensington Palace at the time.

Even before pictures of Middleton—including one from Mother’s Day—surfaced, rumors about her location and health started to circulate.

Is it time to stop spreading rumors and give Kate some space? Share your opinions with us.

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