If you see someone wearing these shoes, stop what you’re doing and look around

We sometimes forget that there are individuals out there who have it far worse off than us because we are too preoccupied with our own problems and the hassles that surround our everyday lives.


Nearly everyone you encounter is engaged in some sort of conflict. While some are more hidden in nature, others you may be aware of. Because of this, it’s critical to always act with consideration and to treat everyone with the utmost respect.

That, in my opinion, is particularly crucial when connecting with people whose disabilities make their life more difficult. They don’t require special attention, and I’m by no means advocating that people feel sorry for them. No, what I’m trying to say is that they should be considered as such because they frequently act as role models.

Of course, being aware of the difficulties faced by people who live with different disabilities is one way to demonstrate that respect. Consider those who are blind or visually challenged.

There aren’t many disabilities that would have the same profound effect on my life as losing my sight. Without our eyes, we lose a sensation on which the great majority of us have been completely dependent since birth: the ability to comprehend the world around us.

However, there exist individuals with significant visual impairments, in addition to those who are legally blind.

It goes without saying that it becomes much more difficult for someone who is visually impaired to navigate the world. For this reason, a new creation from the Australian business Tec-Innovation looks to be quite beneficial.

According to reports, they have developed a pair of shoes dubbed InnoMake that employ cutting-edge sensor technology to assist the wearer in avoiding potential blind spots. Similar to how car sensors alert you to impending collisions by beeping, the InnoMake shoes’ integrated sensors detect obstacles by vibrating or producing sound.

The shoes include unique sensor slots, which last up to a week after requiring three hours to fully charge, according to its YouTube channel.

In addition, the user can alter specific settings, such as the minimum distance for detection or alert preferences, by pairing the shoes with a smartphone.

Have you ever seen someone with these kind of shoes on? Were you aware of their meaning? Please tell us in the comments section.

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