Her legs are amputated after using a common household product – Now she’s warning women everywhere

In 2012, Californian model Lauren Wasser lost her right leg for the strangest cause I’ve ever heard of.

Most of us find it hard to comprehend how a hygiene product might cause a nightmare or permanently alter one’s life.Lauren’s nightmare is still ongoing.Her second leg had to be amputated recently by physicians.

Lauren is now informing people about the risks associated with a common product because she is adamant that no other woman should have to experience what she did.

Model Lauren Wasser, who lives in California, visited the hospital in 2012 due to flu-like symptoms. It was discovered that she had toxic shock syndrome brought on by bacterial toxins rather than the flu.

What is the infection’s cause? A pad. Tampon use, particularly if used for extended periods of time, can result in an infection that triggers toxic shock syndrome, or TTS.

Lauren was left in a coma by the TTS for over a week; upon her emergence, the infection necessitated the amputation of a limb. Her age was twenty-four.

Ever since, Lauren’s one life objective has been to make sure that no one else experiences what she did.

This shouldn’t be experienced by anyone else.

“I will unavoidably need to have my other leg amputated in a few months. I am powerless to change it. However, I can do my part to ensure that others are spared from suffering,” Lauren told The Daily Mail.

Lauren has taken the Kotex Natural Balance brand of tampons to court, suing the company for harshly offending her.

“It is important that consumers understand the reality of what could happen to them, as the vagina is the most absorbent part of a woman’s body and is a gateway to many of our vital organs,” Lauren writes in InStyle.

Regretfully, Lauren had to have her other leg amputated just now.

The model shared a picture of herself with Paralympic athlete Amy Purdy—who also had her legs amputated—on social media as soon as she emerged from the operating room, along with the caption:

“Life is going to change drastically once more! Nonetheless, I’m feeling very upbeat and eager to start my next chapter. This image was taken by my beloved @camraface.

I am completely in awe of this courageous girl. Continue battling, with courage and hope. Lauren keeps fighting, not just for herself but also for other people, so that no one else has to experience what she did.

Please tell Lauren’s story so that women everywhere are aware of the possible risks associated with tampon use.

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