Fans claim they’ve spotted worrying details in first Kate Middleton video since surgery – “She had something done to her face”

In the last two months, Kate Middleton’s life has been the subject of so much discussion that it feels as though no detail has escaped scrutiny.

You’re in luck if you’re one of those people who actually finds endless conspiracy theories and mountains of conjecture fascinating. Today, there are more of them to pore over, in the shape of remarks regarding Kate’s look in a video that was purportedly filmed over the weekend.

It’s possible that you have watched the aforementioned clip.It features Kate Middleton strolling with Prince William; the two are rumored to have visited Adelaide Cottage, which is close to one of the Princess of Wales’s favorite farm stores.

Like almost everything centered around Kate these days, there has been intense debate over the video. Several internet users are certain that the woman in the video isn’t Kate at all and that the Royal Family is continuing the mother of all coverups, rather than just accepting it for what it is—the first film of Kate since her January operation.

Of course, the royals themselves have some of the responsibility for the development of the skeptics. Since Kate’s “planned abdominal procedure” earlier this year, they have not provided any updates, which has left a void that has allowed speculation and rumors to grow.

Given the entire scandal surrounding Kate’s Mother’s Day photo, which was pulled out of circulation by major photo agencies worldwide due to allegations of “manipulation,” there are certainly good reasons to be suspicious.

The man who reportedly recorded Kate over the weekend has reportedly added his two cents to the conversation in an effort to convince the doubters that nothing shady is happening.

The royal couple was observed by 40-year-old Nelson Silva at the Windsor Farm Shop on Saturday afternoon when he was near the bread area. Silva didn’t realize he “knew” the woman until she turned to face him.

In the meat department, he found himself standing behind the pair and saw them interacting with the employees.

Although I couldn’t understand what they were saying, the personnel appeared to be pleasantly overworked. The girl behind the counter was so horrified when I went to pay for my goods that she was barely breathing,” he said to The Sun.

Everyone within was giddy with excitement. It was a very pleasant vibe.

Silva stepped outside to record a quick video for his family in Portugal after claiming he had no idea “Kate was so much in the news.”

As Kate and William made their way to the parking lot, I began to record. He saw that they were content and at ease with each other. “Kate was clearly under William’s protection, so I immediately stopped filming so as not to disturb them.”

His family was shocked by what they saw after he sent them the video over WhatsApp.

“They exclaimed, ‘She’s alive!'” Since last year, she has not been seen. My hobbies are going fishing and visiting my allotment; I’m not really into rumors and celebrities.

Shirlaine Forrest/Getty Images

Naturally, Silva’s video went viral on the internet, and not everyone who commented on it was happy to accept that this was the first time they had seen Kate in person in almost three months.


Some with a somewhat conspiratorial bent asserted that either Kate wasn’t the woman in the video, or if she was, the Princess must have had some form of facial surgery.

Someone wrote, “She had something done to her face.”


“Wow, she really had a facelift,” said another.

“She appears malnourished.really skinny and haggard,” remarked a third individual.


One more person commented, “She’s lost a lot of weight.”


It should be noted that some individuals actively defended Kate in the comments section, especially those who correctly pointed out that the Princess would appear slightly different following her surgery and subsequent recovery.

How do you feel? Is there any reason to think that the person in the video isn’t Kate Middleton? Tell us in the comments below.

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