Documentary shows decades of abuse by wife as husband finally breaks his silence

Readers who are easily offended should be warned. There are accounts of both emotional and physical abuse in this post.


Domestic abuse is a severe problem that requires careful consideration. This article tells the story of a man who, after 20 years of silence, revealed the abuse he had received from his wife. His revelations were horrifying.

Born and raised in East Yorkshire, England, Richard Spencer courageously told his story of abuse and suffering at the hands of his own 20-year wife. In a documentary, he talked about his experience as an abusive spouse in an effort to increase awareness of male victims of domestic abuse.

Titled “My Wife My Abuser: The Secret Footage,” the documentary Several viewers sobbed after the show aired earlier this week because of what they saw.


In a series of interviews featured in the documentary, Spencer, who is now 47 years old, talked about the distressing abuse he endured and the “most demoralizing thing” that occurred in his marriage.

Sheree wouldn’t allow me sit on the bed, so I was sitting on the bedroom floor.She stood up to use the restroom, and as I turned to face it, I suddenly realized that she had urinate on my head.

After recounting the incident, an audio recording from the actual incident is played, in which he is heard saying, “I don’t deserve it.”

“You are deserving of it. Sheree said, “Go wash my s*** up and scrub away you c***,” as reported in The Mirror.


At a club in 2000, the couple had their first date. They had a nanny cam installed in 2015 following the birth of their eldest daughter.


Numerous upsetting cases of abuse are captured on camera. Sheree is seen spitting at Richard in one video, and then she grabs him by the throat.

Richard had to have stitches when Sheree struck him in the back of the head with a wine glass in another incident. One of his ears was also irreparably scarred by the incident.

Spencer claimed, “She repeatedly threatened, physically attacked, verbally abused, and humiliated me in an effort to control and punish me.”



He kept a journal of his mistreatment and sent the authorities 36 video clips, 9 cellphone recordings, and 43 pictures showing his wounds. Spencer was urged to do so by a friend who noticed a bruise on his body.

In order to have documentation to support his allegations of abuse in the event that Sheree attempted to bar him from seeing their children in the future, he started recording the abuse.

Sheree used threats to keep him under control during their marriage by threatening to report her abuse to the authorities. She would occasionally even yell, “Stop it, stop it, Richard, you’re hurting me,” in an attempt to mislead neighbors into believing he was the one beating her.


Sheree would instantly threaten to harm herself when he tried to defend himself, so she could tell her friends or neighbors that Richard was the reason she was wounded.


Richard remembered Sheree telling him, “And once I’ve done that, I can get a restraining order against you, so you never see your baby,” during one of the interviews.

Sheree was sentenced to four years in jail at Hull Crown Court in March of 2023. She acknowledged three physical assaults that resulted in injuries as well as controlling and coercive behavior.

Judge Kate Rayfield reportedly described this as “the worst case of controlling and coercive behavior” she had ever witnessed in court.

“There were several reasons why I felt so stuck. Richard stated in an interview with The Sun, “I’m not sure what would have occurred if it weren’t for my pal.


He said, “I’ve come to terms with the idea that her abuse will never completely go away and that it will negatively affect my family’s and my life forever.


“Over time, Sheree’s abuse of me changed and intensified; she punished and controlled me with frequent acts of physical assault, threats, verbal abuse, and humiliation.

The abuse was concealed from friends and family as well as the general public. He claimed, “Sheree tricked me into thinking I was an accountable and willing participant in the torture.

He said, “She shamelessly declared that I was deserving of punishment and that it was a justified result of me disappointing her in some way.”

Viewers of the program organized a protest in Richard’s favor. “I hope that any MAN who suffers any sort of domestic violence doesn’t feel ashamed or alone to speak out after this has aired on TV,” one user remarked. The statement “YOU matter, and how you are treated matters #Mywifemyabuser” was added. “I hope it helps others come forward.”

“This man is so, very impoverished. There have to be a lot of men who are in pain. I’m hoping they come forward. #MyWifeMyAbuser,” another individual remarked.

Another viewer said, “This is horrifying to watch.” The most disgusting woman #mywifemyabuser has ruined 20 years of this man’s life.


“It’s absurd to consider that he hadn’t obtained his own proof and that she had truly claimed to be him. Most likely, she would have gotten away with it. Breaking my heart #mywifemyabuser,” another person raised a potential issue.


Tragic. He is more resilient and powerful than he realizes. I’m so happy he got away. Another expressed the hope that it will encourage more guys to speak up.

“Watching what you went through was the saddest thing ever.” You didn’t deserve what she did to you, and she was pure evil,” said a different individual.


Richard is now lending support to Mankind Initiative, a nonprofit that assists men who have endured abuse at home. Getting justice and finding a way out of violent relationships are his goals, and he hopes to encourage other guys in similar circumstances.

It is important to treat domestic abuse seriously. Spread the word about this to increase awareness of the underreported male victims of abuse.

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