A stranger sees a little boy approaching street dogs on his way to school, unaware that his actions are being caught on camera

Ibrahim came over two stray dogs on the street one day while traveling to school.

When he thought no one was looking, he stopped and did something rather than just walking past.

“The moments that steal our breath are what define our life, not the quantity of breaths we take.”

Ibrahim left for school in Grozny, Chechnya, on a regular day in 2021. He then saw two stray dogs enjoying the warmth of the early morning sun. The boy may have just continued walking without thinking about the dogs.

But he stopped instead.

Ibrahim was unaware that he was being watched, but the entire event was captured on camera by an unknown individual. What then did he do?

Watch the video down below:

This young man has such a big heart; it’s wonderful that he can give the dogs a little warmth when he embraces them!

The video of Ibrahim’s thoughtful action went viral very fast.

People who know the young child well attest that his behavior is a true representation of who he is—a truly compassionate and loving person.

“I watched the film. That’s Ibrahim,” Ibrahim’s family friend Katerina said to The Dodo.

“He helps my daughter carry her backpack when they go to school. He’s a really good boy.

One of the most priceless and optimistic things I have seen in a very long time is this! A boy’s kindness for a dog brightens everyone’s heart.

Spread his generosity around the globe!

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