3-year-old ‘listen, Linda’ kid demands cupcakes

Without a question, the most fascinating people on the planet are small children. In addition to being humorous and resourceful in their pursuit of their goals, they are utterly honest when expressing their opinions about those around them.

Of all, like the three-year-old boy in the video below, they may always ask his grandparents for assistance if their strict parents are unable to provide it.

This video is entertaining because, despite having been taken roughly nine years ago, it is still widely circulated, indicating that people find it interesting.

While Matteo Beltran, the youngster, and his mother are having a disagreement, he continues interrupting her by saying, “Listen, Linda.” It’s amusing that he says it to his mother when she attempts to tell him what went wrong.

Little Matteo attempted to skip dinner because he preferred sweets. The severe “dispute” between him and his mother began when he went to his grandma after his mother had told him no.


“My three-year-old must discuss and question everything” was the caption for the original video when it was released online in 2014.That’s what every toddler does, isn’t that right?

The mother and son’s amusing YouTube encounter has received over 36 million views, and it never gets old.It is something you can watch again and again.

Following the video’s widespread popularity, Matteo received recognition from A-listers like Michelle Obama and Queen Latifah and was asked to participate in chat shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Check out the video below if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s something you really don’t want to miss.

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