Tipping: Is It Time for a Change?

Tipping has long been a contentious issue, and the discussion has only been more heated since the emergence of social media. The debate has been further fuelled by a recent TikTok event. Let’s examine the situation more closely and assess your position.

A now-deleted video had server Lillie discussing her thoughts about leaving tips. She made it clear that tips make up the majority of her revenue because of her low hourly rate. Lillie brought up the issue that eateries purposefully keep their menu pricing lower and rely on gratuities from customers to make up the gap. “You don’t deserve to eat out if you can’t afford to tip,” she declared forcefully.

Lillie brought up the expense and made a comparison to hiring a nanny. If we can’t afford to tip the entire amount when we eat out, shouldn’t we think twice before employing a nanny who doesn’t get paid properly? Her remarks provoked an intense discussion among the audience.

Views on Lillie’s position were split. Some people disagreed with her comments, calling it entitlement, and advised them to look for other work if their salary is insufficient.

However, many others agreed with Lillie’s assessment and related their own experiences of receiving inadequate compensation. They emphasized how a gratuity enhances the whole eating experience.

What are your opinions on this contentious matter? Should people who are unable to tip 20% when dining out think twice? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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