The Son’s Awakening: A Heartfelt Message from a Mother

There once was a son who made a very difficult choice. He made the difficult decision to put his mother in an asylum following the death of his father. The son continued to see his mother in the asylum on occasion over the years, but nothing changed until that fatal day.

The son got a call alerting him to the quick decline in his mother’s condition. Desperate to make apologies before it was too late, he hurried to her side, overcome with sadness and regret.

The son asked his mother what he could do to make her last days more comfortable, tears running down his cheeks. She did not make the requests he had anticipated, which surprised him.

With a voice full of unmet hopes and a lifetime of desire, his mother said quietly. She urged him to treat people with kindness and love. She implored him to alter the asylum, where the atmosphere was oppressively lonely and the fans were broken.

However, there was more. She requested that he also think about replacing the freezers. She talked of the times when she was so hungry that all she had left to eat were spoiled foods. It was an appeal sparked by suffering that no mother should ever have to go through.


Overcome with remorse and regret, the son made a vow to his mother that he would comply with all of her requests. He couldn’t help but wonder, nevertheless, why she waited to express her wishes till her last moments? Her answer was hard to hear, but it gave him a very important insight.

She said, “Even in death, I think of you, my dear son. I may be leaving this world.” Just like you turned your back on me, I imagine the day when your own children may abandon you. And when that time comes, I hope you locate a better home where you may be loved and cared for in return. Kindly remember our message at all times.

On a Romanian social media account, this heartwarming tale was posted, and readers responded strongly. Their hearts were moved so much by it that they shared it with their own networks, allowing its poignant message to be widely disseminated.


Let’s all pause for a moment to consider this tale, to appreciate our parents’ love, and to consider the decisions we make. May we never forget the value of nurturing connections, love, and compassion, and may these characteristics direct us in all of our dealings with people.

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