The Funniest Wheel of Fortune Mistakes

The thrilling moments and unexpected victories that come with viewing The Wheel of Fortune have long been appreciated by audiences. Apart from the highlights, though, spectators have also been delighted by some really funny mistakes made by rivals. These errors have surely made for some unforgettable TV moments, whether you choose to laugh them off or hide your face in shame.

Matt’s Laugh-Out Loud Error

With participant Matt, one of the most famous gaffes in the history of the show happened lately. Despite his embarrassing error, Matt prevailed in the game and earned a sizable $23,350 reward. Even while he might not feel too horrible about his error, it definitely detracted from his otherwise strong performance in that episode.

In the relevant round, the competitors had to work together to solve a word problem according to the “people” category. When it was Matt’s turn, he inquired as to whether the sentence contained the letter “N.” The riddle consisted of three syllables. It was, much to his relief. This is how the puzzle appeared: TH_ – N_

But when it came time for Matt to guess, he tried to guess the entire phrase and came up with an answer devoid of any “Ns.” “The Best Buttercut,” he declared with confidence, confusing and amusing everyone in the process. Naturally, “THE NEXT GENERATION” was the right response.

Other Remarkable Errors

It’s not just Matt who makes terrible errors on Wheel of Fortune. There have been many memorable fails throughout the history of the show. Here are a few instances:


  • Contestant Kevin from 2017 was required to complete a single letter in the play’s name, “A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE.” Using “K” instead of a more sensible consonant, he created the word “Naked.” It goes without saying that “A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE” was the right response.
  • During a speed round in 2009, participant Lolita McAuley made a humorous error. The puzzle’s category was “Thing,” and its appearance was S_LF-PO_T_ _T. With assurance, McAuley replied, “SELF-POTATO.” Again, a perplexing yet entertaining answer. The response “SELF-PORTRAIT” was accurate.


Additional Funny Accidents

Over the years, the Wheel of Fortune has given many amusing situations. After a string of lucky spins in 2014, University of Indiana student Julian was within a whisker of winning $1 million. But in the end, his mispronunciations cost him the grand prize.

Pronouncing “mythological hero Achilles” as “AY-chill-es” rather than “AH-kil-ies,” he made a pronunciation error. In another case, he selected the letter “c” as the solution to the puzzle “WORLD’S FASTEST A” rather than the word “MAN.” Finally, he made a grave error when he guessed “On-the-spot dicespin” during the “things” part rather than “On-the-spot decision.”


What Do You Think?

Do you believe Matt’s error was as terrible as these noteworthy ones in light of these ones? Please share your opinions in the comments section!

See this amusing error below:

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