Just a day before her death, little angel Ava could barely stand, but got all her available energy to sing a song to her mother one last time. She sang her favorite song, and we will always remember her for that

Magalli Jimenez gave birth to a stunning daughter, Ava Skye. The girl was a lively and content youngster who brought joy into her mother’s life. Sadly, everything changed when little Ava became 13 months old.

The girl felt as though she were suddenly in pain. She sobbed, making it clear that something was seriously wrong. She heard the news that no parent should ever hear when Magalli brought her to the doctor. Ava developed cancer of the muscles.

This broke Magalli’s heart, but she realized she had to be strong for her child and that there was still a long way to go in the fight against the illness.

Ava’s mother could only hope that the chemotherapy treatments would be effective in helping her daughter recover and emerge victorious.

Ava’s family was ecstatic when she eventually entered remission, but regrettably, their joy was fleeting.

Doctors notified Ava’s family in July 2022 that her cancer had returned and was no longer responding to medication. They hoped to remove it medically, but there was little chance of recovery for this precious girl because her body was already too delicate.

The family was bracing themselves for the worst, even as they prayed for a miracle.

Magalli could not accept that she would only have a few days left with her daughter.

In an effort to give Ava the best possible care during her last days, she was brought to a hospice. The heartbroken mother occasionally retreated to the bathroom to cry, but she always made care to appear cheerful in front of her daughter.


“We’ll just let her live her life, appreciate her, and spend as much time as we want with her. For her, we’ve created a bucket list,” Magalli remarked.

Sadly, on August 22, 2022, dear Ava passed away. Family friends had created a GoFundMe page to assist with Ava’s medical costs and to fulfill all of her dreams.

Ava found the strength to sing her mother a song the day before she passed away. She was weak and worn out from all the treatments and hospital trips. She selected her go-to nursery tune. “I cherish you. You cherish me. We’re a content family. With a huge, fat hug and a kiss. Will you not say that you also adore me? Ava performed.

Fortunately, Magalli was able to capture that unique event on film, allowing her to treasure it indefinitely.

Ava’s video, in which she can be seen singing to her true love, demonstrates her bravery and compassion.

“I made a vow to her that I would live for her, even though my heart will always be broken and will never be the same. Even if your children drive you crazy, give them a little more of an embrace today,” the distraught mother stated.

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