Jimmy Kimmel Celebrates the Amazing Performance of Messi, the Dog, at the Oscars

As everyone knows, the Oscars are a glamorous, glitzy event with amazing performances. But this year, Messi, the dog from Anatomy of a Fall, was the one performer that really stole the show and won over the audience’s hearts.

Jimmy Kimmel made time in his opening speech to praise Messi’s extraordinary talent. Making light of fellow contender Robert Downey Jr. and his part in “The Shaggy Dog,” he said Messi would be the ideal substitute. Then, as the camera paned to Messi, who was seated in the crowd, Kimmel complimented him on Anatomy of a Fall, calling it the “performance of the year”.

Messi’s character, Snoop, had a pivotal scene in the movie that both reviewers and audiences found to be quite moving. Messi has been a star all awards season long, even if he wasn’t nominated for his performance. At the Cannes Film Festival the previous year, he even took home the Palm Dog Award.

Messi got the opportunity to meet other celebs and Oscar nominees at the Oscars luncheon earlier this year. Stars like Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling were deeply impacted by him.

Kimmel posted a video of himself practicing his gags with Messi on Instagram just a few hours before the show began. The dog’s trainer noted that Messi needed a lot of training in order to play the part in the movie. The easiest tasks took a great deal of labor.


Messi is a real breakout star of the awards season thanks to his skill and charisma, even though he isn’t an Oscar nominee. His performance and his endearing presence at the Oscars captured the attention of the crowd.

One of the highlights of the memorable 96th Academy Awards was Messi’s performance, which will live on in history. We are eager to see what amazing dog accomplishes next!

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