Hot: Mother-in-law Turns Bride’s Big Day into the Worst Day

Can you picture family conflict turning a wedding into a horror story? Regretfully, Alexandra experienced exactly that on her important day. This horrifying incident happened in Mexico on February 17th, and it has left people speechless.

Against all odds, Alexandra and her spouse had discovered love. The groom’s family, however, did not approve of their union. They came from an affluent family and desired for their son to marry into a similar financial situation. However, love has no financial restrictions, which is why the groom selected the modestly bred Alexandra. His family was not happy with this choice and would not accept her.

A horrible tragedy happened on the day of their wedding. The groom’s family did not appear in any numbers. His father was not there, nor were his sister, brother, or mother. Their intention to create a commotion from a distance was evident. Alexandra’s mother-in-law was the primary catalyst for this sad occurrence, going to great measures to sabotage the nuptials.

Three people were hired by Alexandra’s mother-in-law, and they approached her shortly before the wedding. Everyone was shocked when they threw red paint on her exquisite white bridal gown. Imagine Alexandra’s fear when she believed she had been gravely hurt and that the paint was blood. She was terrified at the time, all the more so because her own mother had been there.

Luckily, a replacement dress was sent out right away to settle the issue. But the horrible family didn’t end there. They learned the location of the wedding photo shoot and informed the authorities under false pretenses that the bride and groom and their guests were drug users. When the police came, they searched everyone, but naturally they turned up nothing.

However, their brutality didn’t stop there. In an attempt to sabotage their honeymoon plans, the groom’s relatives also took his passport and visa. They even tried buying the travel agency out of their trip cancellation. Fortunately, their efforts proved futile.

Such a story is difficult to hear. Nobody should have to enter into marriage with the knowledge that their in-laws dislike them. All we can do is hope that this couple finds the fortitude to go on and build a fulfilling life together. They are deserving of every bit of affection and assistance.

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