Solo Female Traveller’s Incredible Off-Grid Tiny House Truck

With its flawless design, this amazing off-grid tiny house truck may serve as a cozy residence while traveling!

This solar-powered home is ready to travel anywhere because it is installed on the back of a brand-new truck! After living in campers on the road for many years, Jude decided to build her own tiny house truck.

She was tired of living in uninsulated buildings and homes created by others that made her feel cold in the winter, so she started creating her own cozy tiny house, which she put on the back of a brand-new truck and now she can travel without worrying about!

Totally self-sufficient, this dwelling is intended to be parked in the most breathtaking and secluded regions in New Zealand.

This house truck was created with comfort in mind, offering all the amenities and conveniences of home with the quick travel time of a vehicle.

This episode features a tour of Jude’s incredible tiny house truck and a discussion about her experiences traveling full-time throughout New Zealand as a single woman. We really hope you like the video!

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