One of Patrick Dempsey’s twin boys branded ‘his clone’ and ‘next McDreamy’ following their red carpet debut.

The 57-year-old Patrick Dempsey is regarded as the sexiest man alive. He arrived on the red carpet accompanied by his spouse and kids.

Actor Darby, 16, one of the Dempsey twins, stole the show at the Ferrari movie debut, despite the fact that the entire family received plaudits for their breathtaking appearance.

The thing that attracted so much attention was how much this young man resembled his attractive father.


People couldn’t help but notice how much Darby like his dad. “OMG! “His son, on the right side of the photo, is his clone,” a commenter said.

The young man was called “the next McDreamy” by a fan, who also likened him to his father’s Grey’s Anatomy character.

The Demspeys are well known for their attractiveness.

Talula, Patrick’s 21-year-old daughter, joined the family in 2002 after being welcomed by his wife Jillian. A few years later, they welcome Darby and Sullivan, their 16-year-old twin boys.

Father of three Patrick stated that he and his wife found life easier with a larger family.

However, he claimed that as his kids grew into teenagers, things got harder because parenting teenagers took a lot of energy.

“Because they need you around, but they don’t want you around because they’re fighting for their independence, which they should,” he said to them in 2023. “They must first recognize their own limitations, then learn how to interact to others, and ultimately make mistakes if they are to progress as humans. Additionally, you have to support them and let them draw lessons from their mistakes.

After years of coming in second, Patrick attained the well-earned title of “Sexiest Man Alive.”

“I’m happy it’s occurring during this phase of my life.” “It’s nice to be recognized,” the actor continued.

McDreamy stated that his kids would most likely make fun of him when asked what they would think.

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