Mom gives up baby because of his head – 4 yrs later, there’s a knock on the orphanage door

Dima Kalekin from Ukraine is this person.

He has no recollection of his biological parents.

Dima was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, also known as “water on the brain,” at birth. Furthermore, his parents made a callous decision upon first seeing him.

Without him, they left the hospital and didn’t turn around.

According to the Ukrainian publication Fakty I Kommentarii, Dima was forced to start life in an orphanage for deformed children in Krematorsk, in the east of Ukraine.

Even after four years, Dima was unable to walk or use cutlery for basic tasks. The staff of the orphanage had doubts about his ability to grow up regularly. However, they were taken aback at how long he had lived and how well he could speak.

However, it wouldn’t be the last time Dima shocked everyone.

Dima was confronted with a fresh peril when fighting erupted in eastern Ukraine in the beginning of 2014 because the orphanage was situated in a contested territory.

Dima was thus obliged to leave the orphanage and find shelter somewhere else, just like all the other children.

The children and personnel were made to go around without access to food, drink, or medication for a full week.

When a rebel organization finally realized that some of the kids were in danger of dying, they took the kids to the Ukrainian authorities.

The children were admitted to a hospital located in Kharkiv, the second-largest city in the nation. The doctors had to fight back tears when they first saw Dima. His efforts to flee the war had worn him out.

The doctors said Dima had little chance of living in the nation devastated by conflict. According to Hefty, they were in such a terrible situation that they asked a priest to intercede on behalf of the boy’s adoption.

The priest’s prayers were heard quite quickly. Dima and his pals first found themselves at a different orphanage. And a couple from Vermont named Ernest and Ruth Chaves came in the United States a few weeks later. They desired to adopt a child from the war-torn region after learning about it.

Ernest and Ruth knew they wanted to adopt Dima the moment they laid eyes on him.

When they made the decision to adopt Dima, the small boy’s life once more took a turn for the better.

Having raised seven adopted children, Ernest and Ruth were accustomed to being parents. Besides, they were quite experienced with all the paperwork, so Dima was able to join them in Vermont rather fast.

Dima accompanied his adoptive parents to his new home in the United States, where he met up with all of his new siblings, two months after they had visited the orphanage in Ukraine.

Zebadiah Chaves was the new name given to Dima.

The little boy’s life with his new family was the nicest thing he had ever experienced. As soon as he got to Vermont, he started to move forward. His parents found out that he could eat with a spoon only a few days after moving into his new house!

The youngster who fled Ukraine on the verge of death was like a completely different person a year later.

Zebediah can speak now. He is able to comprehend both English and Ukrainian. He is also able to walk.

Talk about advancement!

After examining Zebediah’s brain, American medical professionals are certain that the sickness hadn’t done much harm to it. It is likely that he will develop normally, they say.

What a fighter to be inspired by!

Zebediah still has a long way to go and will need more surgeries, but he has already demonstrated to the entire world his unbreakable strength and resolve to live!

Looking at him in 2022 provides us plenty of reasons to be happy! How gorgeous this little kid has become in adulthood! That’s the same boy Ernest and Ruth adopted? It’s unbelievable!

Zebediah seems to have a bright future, and I want the best for him and his family! If you do, please share!

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