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Fans of the beloved family sitcom “My Three Sons” still cherish the good times they had even if the show ended decades ago. Let’s look at the actual triplets that portrayed Robbie Douglas’ children during their post-show encounter.

The twelve amazing seasons of “My Three Sons” aired from 1960 to 1972, captivating viewers with the exciting exploits of the Douglas family. Even though the project didn’t follow the conventional notion of a nuclear family, it had a significant influence.

Tim Considine played Mike Douglas, the eldest son who disagreed with his father’s choices, until departing in the fifth season.


The youngest child in the series who witnessed his father’s death was portrayed by Stanley Livingston, while Don Grady played Robbie Douglas, the adolescent parent of triplets.

The triplets appeared in movies from 1970 to 1972. Actress Tina Cole just posted a picture of Joe, Dan, and Michael Todd on Facebook. The brothers seem pretty similar, even though they have grown up and are no longer known to one another.

Their story started when their grandmother responded to a casting call for twins for the movie “My Three Sons.” The concept of including a third character alongside the twins was a wonderful one for the television show “My Three Sons.”


The Todd brothers were chosen only because they were brothers, not because of their unique skills.

The triplets tried their hand at advertisements after the show, and in 1989 they made an appearance on “The Joan Rivers Show.” Despite having a brief career in show business, their paths eventually diverged when they were called to the military.

One of the Todd brothers’ most important decisions was to enlist in the Army. After twenty years of service, Joe left the Army’s medic section in 2007.

After serving as a military engineer for many years, Michael retired and went on to become a teacher. Dan served for eight years, obtained a degree, and tried his hand at entrepreneurship.

The brothers’ military service gave them invaluable life skills, and all of them enjoyed successful post-military careers.

When the cast of “My Three Sons” got back together on “The Early Show” in 2009, it brought back fond memories and funny conversations about their time spent making the critically praised sitcom.

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