A body language expert has broken down Taylor Swift’s “behavior” at the Super Bowl…

This season, Taylor Swift, a 14-time Grammy winner, has frequently attended her beau Travis Kelce’s NFL games. She was present at the 58th Super Bowl at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, as was to be expected.

Travis was at home getting ready for the big game while the Cruel Summer singer took out for Tokyo for her record-breaking Eras Tour, which included four sold-out gigs. This was after she won the Grammy for Album of the Year.

But even though Taylor wasn’t in the US, she nevertheless packed her bags and went back to her hometown to help her boyfriend.

The couple’s developing romance has been widely reported for some months, so it came as no surprise that the singer was among those supporting the Kansas City Chiefs.

Following his team’s historic fourth-ever Super Bowl victory, Travis thrilled the crowd with a lively performance of “Viva Las Vegas” and then he and his girlfriend joined together to celebrate.


After he raised the Lombardi Trophy, the pair was spotted kissing and hugging.


An expert reportedly observed the couple’s mutual body language and came to the conclusion that neither Taylor nor Travis is reticent to display affection in public.

Expert on the subject Darren Stanton stated, “I was skeptical of this relationship in the beginning, but because she is so full on now, with her emotions, I think this is a real relationship.”

“She is expressing her feelings and thoughts regarding Travis in an open and consistent manner. This is a genuine friendship, not a publicity gimmick.

The expert claims that Taylor is more comfortable expressing her emotions in public than he was.

Stanton observed, “From a non-verbal standpoint, it seems as though she’s more into him, or she’s far more comfortable with public displays of affection than he is.”

Ultimately, this is his chance; this is the main focus of his career. She ought to realize that this is the most important night of his life.

“It’s very interesting behavior; she seems to be quite emotional, and she has her arms completely wrapped around him.”

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