150-yr-old schoolhouse is turned into cozy home that leaves you in awe when you step inside

It’s true that every house is unique.

Some, like the one in the story below, however, take their distinctiveness to an entirely new level.

An exquisitely restored 1800s beauty, The Kingsley School House is now an Airbnb.

Nestled in Landen, Ohio, close to Kings Island, this stunning 1879 mansion today functions as a comfortable haven where classic elegance blends with contemporary comforts.

To give everyone a tour inside the historic schoolhouse, Levi Kelly made the trip there.

It’s obvious when you walk in that this isn’t your typical home.

Once resonant with the cacophony of academic life, the echoes of the past have been turned into a tranquil haven.

With four bedrooms and two bathrooms, this location is ideal for groups of up to 12 people seeking a distinctive and tranquil experience.

The interior design? It resembles walking into a magazine.

Envision an area where the sophistication of the past meets the trendy vibes of the present.

The living room showcases the original charm of the house, with wooden beams and exposed masonry that tell stories of bygone eras, modern furnishings adding a dash of the present.

Imagine all the stories this home could tell if it could talk.

A fireplace that might have memories of its own sits at the center of it all.

It stands tall in the living space, encased in rustic brick.

It’s where memories are created, therefore it’s more than just a cozy place.

There’s a dining room next door, where a big table is positioned near windows that let in natural light to brighten every meal.

And then there’s the kitchen, a sleek, modern marvel.

Everything you need is included, including a waterfall countertop and gleaming Café appliances with ornate gold handles.

However, because of the clever use of wood cabinets and shelving that keep clutter at bay while keeping everything within reach, it feels open and spacious.

Levi has included a delightful bonus: his very own Cabin Lore Coffee.

It’s a simple addition that gives your stay a welcome sense of coziness, and the scent alone is exquisite.

It wouldn’t be bad at all to enjoy a cup of coffee in such a lovely setting.

The main bedroom downstairs is a stylish and peaceful retreat.

The room is calming to the soul, with a king-sized bed, boho chic furnishings, and windows that let in plenty of natural light.

The elegant design of the bedroom is echoed in the connected bathroom, which has a roomy layout with two sinks and a shower/tub combination.

There is more to the loft than just more bedrooms and a bathroom if you take the spiral staircase up to it.

With leisure and seclusion in mind, this area’s distinctive window design maintains the home’s historic architecture while cleverly letting sunshine into the room.

Still, isn’t it amazing that this stunning location was once a school?

Get a complete tour of this exquisitely unique house and rental property by watching the movie below!

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