Tom Hanks’ Son Reveals Why He’s Not Happy With How He Was Raised

Please take note that this story, which was first published in February 2022, is being republished.


The famous actor Chet Hanks, who is the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, did not hold back when discussing his life in the spotlight.

The 31-year-old talked candidly about the complexities of growing up under the shadow of two well-known actors in a YouTube exposé that was published on February 15. Although he expressed gratitude for having loving parents, Chet described the experience as a “double-edged sword.”

Indeed, there are benefits, but let’s face it—it gets kind of weird,” he said. “I’ve had the opportunity to experience amazing things—like traveling the world, staying at five-star hotels, and taking private flights—that many others can only imagine. For that, I’m appreciative. It is not something I would change about my situation.

However, he also explored the darker side of fame, highlighting how society’s obsession with celebrity is destructive. Chet emphasized that his circumstances were even more complicated because he was only the famous people’s child and not a famous person himself. This caused unjustified disdain, he said.

Looking back on his time at school, Chet identified a difficult change. Having received his early education in the same setting, things became much worse in high school and college, when decisions were made quickly, without hesitation, and with preconceptions.

The Empire actor said, “People formed opinions about me before getting to know me, making it incredibly tough to break down their walls.” He also said that this experience led to the creation of a “hard exterior” and a “chip” on his shoulder. He claimed that the difficulties didn’t come to him directly but rather showed up as rumors and hearsay.

Chet said, reflecting on his own learning process, that it took him a long time to realize that “people’s perception of you is only a reflection of themselves.” Then, he turned the focus of his story to positive transformation, claiming that he had changed the course of his life and avoided the “self-destructive” impulses that had previously been common and were characterized by rage and binge drinking.

Speaking about the current backlash against his opinions on the COVID-19 vaccination, Chet refuted the idea that his strong demeanor was merely motivated by rage. He acknowledged that it was also a result of his upbringing in a “privileged” home, which had left him feeling “insecure” and ashamed.

With a promise of unvarnished disclosures about his Hollywood career, Chet concluded his speech, sending spectators into a frenzy of anticipation for the next installment of his candid story.


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