The narrative behind this picture can serve as a practical teaching for all individuals.

There is a useful lesson for everyone in the story behind this image.

When a young woman spotted an elderly woman with pink hair in the hospital hallways, she snapped this picture because she was speechless. Even at her advanced age, the old woman looked bright and energetic.

“Today, I made a new friend.” She gave me permission to take her picture and post it on Facebook, but only if I disclosed that she is ninety-three years old.

I told her that I felt really good about the person with the pink hair.

Are you aware of his reply to me? The young woman said, “There are people like this, and they deserve our gratitude,” as the caption for a picture she posted to social media.

Tens of thousands of people liked and commented on the photo, which swiftly gained popularity on the internet. Some were deeply touched by the liveliness and upbeat outlook of their grandmother.

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