She Heard Her Mother Say, “You’re Ugly And You Have A Big Nose,” Every Day.

In addition to her stellar role in the hit movie Friends, Jennifer Aniston has acted in many other well-known movies, such as Horrible Bosses and We’re the Millers.


But Jennifer Aniston had a challenging upbringing with her mother. She was always correcting her and causing pain to her that manifested itself later in life. Actress Nancy Dow, who is Jennifer’s mother, had difficulty raising her daughter. Her mother used to say, “You’re ugly and you have a big nose,” every day.

Jennifer knew that her parents were divorced because of an unpleasant marriage. After their divorce, she stayed with her mother, who would not stop criticizing her physical “defects,” such as her large nose, her wide-set eyes, and the few pounds she had gained throughout puberty.

Jennifer’s self-confidence and self-esteem were severely damaged as a youngster by her mother’s continuous reminders that she was “ugly.” Despite living in the same house as her mother, she could never be mentally or physically similar to her.

Jennifer was dependent on her mother’s unpredictable behavior and didn’t have a strong relationship with her father. Jen’s mother once laughed in her face after she disobeyed her mother’s scolding, “teaching” Jen to take criticism in silence.

In addition, she battled dyslexia, a learning disorder that mostly causes problems with spelling, reading, and writing. As a result, she had serious problems in her studies.

But in the middle of it all, Jennifer realized that she wasn’t as horrible as she’d been made up to be, and she started to question if her mother hadn’t been wrong about her.

After securing her first job in Hollywood, Jen felt more confident, especially after receiving a nose job. But her mother wasn’t happy with her accomplishments. The excitement that Jennifer Aniston felt over the hugely successful American sitcom “Friends” was tempered by interviews with her mother, who persisted on publicly criticizing her.

Jennifer then skipped her and Brad Pitt’s wedding and vowed to never talk to her mother again. She kept her mother in the dark for fifteen years.

Following years of treatment for all those challenging formative years, Jen had a major realization. She thinks she is stronger today even after all of her mother’s admonitions and severe criticism.

“My mother loved me and wanted the best for me, which is why she spoke to me in this manner. She was only unaware that the pain she was causing me would only stop after years of therapy, so she didn’t mean to be cruel. According to Jennifer Aniston, her upbringing is what made her who she is.

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