She grabbed her kid in her arms and gave her a final forehead kiss as she was torn apart by sadness. A miracle occurred a short while afterwards.

A one-year-old girl’s mother took her to the hospital since it was clear that her condition had gotten worse.

The girl’s doctors informed her that she had a serious case of meningitis. The child was kept artificially alive in a coma as her kidneys deteriorated quickly.

The little girl had no chance of survival because the only things keeping her alive were machines. Jennifer, the girl’s mother, decided to donate the organs to other kids who needed them to survive.

Then Jennifer prepared to say goodbye to her angel. She caressed her hair, put her arms around his baby, kissed her forehead, and pondered how she would manage to go on without him.

In the hopes that she would hear and understand me, I tried to tell her how much I loved her. I talked to her as if nothing had happened, even though I was in shock. It didn’t seem real. She began to feel warm against me, and I noticed a flush to her cheeks. The woman informed the Daily Mail that she looked to be asleep.

“After telling her that I was proud of her for working so hard to achieve her goals, I lay down next to her. The doctors told me she wouldn’t make it through the morning and that they would turn off the machine. I made an unsuccessful attempt to persuade myself that she had already died and that her corpse was all that was left,” the woman remarked.

“They turned off everything at once, and Alice was lying in bed. They gave her morphine and left her, her father, and myself to fend for ourselves. I then approached her and planted a kiss on her. She said, “I could feel the warmth of her body, and I couldn’t believe she was about to die.”

Jennifer saw instinctively that her small kid would not die. But then something truly extraordinary happened: Alice lived.

The machine that had been keeping her alive stopped, and she began to breathe on her own. Both her parents found it difficult to believe their daughter was still alive.

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