Sad story of a parent who received a diagnosis of cancer that cannot be cured.

Household Health A parent was told, tragically, that their cancer was incurable.

A terrible list of promises to his infant son has been made by a parent who has a rare and deadly form of cancer.

Paul Hill (36), who was having trouble swallowing his food, received the heartbreaking news that he had advanced-stage stomach cancer.

Paul from Willerby in Hull, East Yorkshire, has demonstrated his will to beat the illness by compiling a list of promises for his 17-month-old son George.

According to Hull Live, these duties included being present for George’s school drop-off and pick-up times, escorting him to his first bar visit, assisting with his relocation into his own home, and allowing Paul to experience being a grandson.

Paul started having trouble swallowing his food three months ago, and he was given medicine to treat acid reflux.

As his health deteriorated, he experienced excruciating pain with every swallow, and an hour later, he could barely finish an oatmeal dish.

Two months ago, Paul and Jessica, his spouse, decided to pay for private exams because they could no longer wait for their young family to learn the cause of the problem.

They were then informed, regretfully, that their stomach cancer had spread and was now advanced.

Doctors have said that he has had this malignancy for about five years, according to Jessica.

He began to have trouble swallowing, eating started to hurt, and he started regurgitating after meals just a few months ago.

“We chose private healthcare because we couldn’t afford to wait for the National Health Service to perform the tests.” At that point, doctors informed us that the cancer that had started in the lining of his stomach had spread to the esophagus and the pancreas.

If Paul’s cancer had been discovered sooner, his stomach might have undergone surgery to remove it. Unfortunately, it went undetected and spread since he had no symptoms and was too young to be examined for stomach cancer.

Paul has been offered the opportunity to participate in a five-year clinical research in the UK, where patients with his same disease receive immunotherapy.
Only 50% of patients will really get immunotherapy, though.

Medical officials speculate that the treatment could be implemented nationwide as an alternative to chemotherapy.

Jessica set up the JustGiving page a few days ago, and so far, nearly £3,000 has been raised.

“Three months ago, I had no idea that cancer could have such an impact on an individual’s loved ones as well as on the individual themselves,” Jessica said in her piece.

But now, as I sit here in the evening, I am filled with so much grief and fear that I would never wish for anyone. My family and I shall use every effort to enable my Paul to keep the promises he has made.

“Five years is too long to wait.” We will donate all of the funds we have raised to stomach cancer research should Paul be selected for the immunotherapy study in the UK.

If not, though, we will have to send him to the United States so that he can receive medical care. He needs to watch his little child grow up since he vowed to age with me.

“This fundraiser’s goal is to increase cancer awareness and, ideally, its visibility in order to raise more money for research on the disease.”

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