Mom of 2 Is Banned from Kids’ School Due to Her Looks & Can’t Get a Job Even to Clean Toilets

The topic of employees’ appearances has always been divisive. Many occupations have rigid dress requirements that employees must adhere to, especially when interacting with consumers. Most businesses, even those that hire janitors, have some sort of dress code in place. Melissa Sloan learned this lesson the hard way.

Sloan gained notoriety recently when she said that, to her confusion, she had been barred from attending her young children’s play. Despite being a loving mother, Sloan was forced to watch her two children’ Christmas play via the windows of their school hall since she was not allowed inside by the administration.

The mother of two has had her doors shut before by this establishment. Her intentions to get a round at her local pub for Christmas have been derailed because even the bars in her neighborhood have started to kick her out when she shows up. Sloan acknowledged that she gets the cold shoulder from folks due to the way she looks.

The mother of two appears to be getting new tattoos at a pace of three per week, and fewer and fewer of them are being done by qualified tattoo artists.

It might be awkward to even stroll down the street, particularly if the mother is being heckled by the children. That being said, Sloan’s inability to secure a steady job has been the worst effect of her unusual appearance. Sloan used to clean toilets for a living, but lately she has had trouble finding work.

Having two kids to provide for has had a significant impact on Sloan’s life due to unemployment. “I can’t get a job,” she remarked. I won’t be allowed there. Long ago, I worked as a toilet cleaner for the first time. Some have claimed, “I’ve never worked a job in my life; the one I did have didn’t last very long.”

Why Is Sloan Unable to Find Employment?

Sloan is unable to secure employment as a janitor. She apparently hasn’t had a job for at than seven months and is dependent on unemployment payments to support her family. The mother of two knows exactly why no one wants to offer her a job, despite her willingness to work.

Despite acknowledging that getting fresh tattoos has become an addiction, Sloan has refused to stop.

The mother has more than 800 tattoos total, many of which are on her face. Sloan acknowledged that she had been rejected by employers because to her appearance, stating, “I applied for a job where I live and they won’t have me because of my tattoos.”

The mother of two appears to be getting new tattoos at a pace of three per week, and fewer and fewer of them are being done by qualified tattoo artists. Sloan observed that even the local artists are beginning to turn her away at their doors, despite the fact that she would frequently consult specialists on many of her pieces.

She now receives the majority of her new pieces from Luke, her partner, at their house. Professional tattoo artists have turned away from Sloan, she admitted, since they all know she has an issue. “They won’t do it because I’m beyond help – because I’ve gone too far,” she said, stifling a giggle.

Welsh native Sloan has adorned every square inch of her face with a variety of patterns, ranging from crucifixes to butterflies to more abstract motifs. She thinks she is the person with the most tattoos in the world since she has gone so far as to add extra layers to the ones on her face these days.

Sloan has acknowledged that she is attempting to enter the Guinness Book of Records and break the record for the person with the most body ink. Sloan adds that she will always get inks, even though she misses visiting to her neighborhood bar and wishes she could have seen her children’s nativity performance.

Reactions of Others to Sloan’s Tattoos

Not just her children’s school, bars, tattoo parlors, and potential employers find it difficult to look past Sloan’s enormous body art. Commenters on her lack of work have pointed out that many companies have tight policies about tattoos and frequently urge staff members to cover up any body ink. Someone posted this:

“Deep actions have repercussions. Of course having that many tattoos won’t help you obtain a job. To promote your artwork on your face, you ought to start your own [tattoo] business or work for one. However, you can’t count on everyone accepting it.

Others argued that even while it’s unfortunate that Sloan is unemployed, she has made her own decisions and is aware of the potential repercussions. Someone said, “It’s a bad idea to make bad decisions.” “Well, it was your decision, don’t expect other people to bend themselves for you,” said a second commenter.

Someone said, “Feel sorry for her kids…,” pointing out that Sloan’s decision to get tattoos all over her body has an effect on her children’s lives as well.She appears to be more focused on her ink than on how this will affect them.

Some have advised Sloan to hunt for employment that doesn’t need her to interact directly with clients. “This is why they make at-home call center jobs,” a Facebook user commented. She must choose a profession that won’t turn people off right away.

While some have advised Sloan to try working in an office at a tattoo business, others have advised her to attempt concealing her tattoos with makeup.

Despite acknowledging that getting fresh tattoos has become an addiction, Sloan has refused to stop. “I’m addicted to tattoos, I get three a week and I’ll never stop – if I make it to 70 I’ll still be getting them,” she declared confidently.

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