I pushed my spouse out of bed to stop what I believed was snoring.

Lisa Lee, 25, and Lewis Little, 25, dozed off next to each other, and Lisa thought she heard snoring.

“To get him to stop what I thought was snoring, I shoved him off the bed. However, as soon as I felt the wet sheet, I sensed a problem. I turned on the light and gazed at his bruised face since he was unable to breathe. The distressed woman reportedly stated, “I called the ambulance, but it felt like a lifetime between my call and their arrival,” according to Metro.co.uk.

She was shocked to learn that the man had died a few hours earlier and that the sound she had heard, which she had mistaken for “snoring,” was actually the sound of air exiting his body and striking his vocal chords.

Lisa knew that her spouse had Brugada syndrome, a heart condition. It seems that he died within a year of receiving the diagnosis, despite the doctors’ assurances that his life was not in danger and that he would live a long time.

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