Breaking the news about his son is Luke Combs

Gettin’ Old, Luke Combs’ new album with 18 tracks, is currently on sale. The album features the moving song “Take You With Me,” which is dedicated to Combs’ child.

Along with Rob Williford and James McNair, Combs wrote the song. In it, Combs recalls in the future the good times he had with his son Tex Lawrence and the lessons he had taught him about life.

In the first lyric of the song, Combs recalls asking his father, “Daddy, what does that mean, that small turtle and a rabbit?” He sat me down in the chair and showed me how to grip the steering wheel. He said, “If you get up on my knee, I’ll operate the pedals.” I’ll take you with me. Combs says he’s been told he’ll be taken with him, and he keeps singing.

Throughout the whole song, the singer reflects on other amazing father-son times he has shared with his kids, driven by a strong need to relive those priceless times.

If it were up to me, we would participate in every activity together. You believe that those carefree days would endure forever when you’re that age. In the chorus, Combs regrets that “I didn’t know back then how much those words would mean / ‘I’ll take you with me.'”

Combs and his spouse Nicole revealed their second child’s impending arrival on March 20. This will be the couple’s first kid. He gave fans a sneak peek at the song “Take You.”

In the same tweet that revealed the shocking information, he said, “With Me.”

Gettin’ Old is a song that Combs described in an interview is “about the stage of life I’m in right now.” Many of us, I’m sure, are experiencing it now, have experienced it in the past, or will experience it in the future.

The song is about “coming of age, being grateful, leaving a legacy, loving where life is now and missing how it used to be, falling in love again and loving the person you love no matter what, living in the moment but still wondering how much time you have left, family, friends, and being thankful,” he goes on.

This coming Saturday, March 25, will mark the beginning of Combs’ much awaited globe tour. The 35-city tour will begin in Arlington, Texas, then visit in other locations around the country and beyond, including Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, and France. Combs’ last gig on this trip is scheduled for October 19 in London.

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