The Underrated Work of Stay-at-Home Moms

Despite popular belief, being a stay-at-home mother is not an easy job. They have a lot on their plate, including caring for the kids, doing errands, and maintaining a tidy home. Sadly, these mothers’ efforts are frequently ignored and undervalued.


Sara decided to give up her career as an interior designer to devote herself full-time to raising her two boys after getting married. Harry, her spouse, was a well-paid game developer who supported the family. Sara didn’t have a “real” career, so he never appeared to recognize the effort she did. His hectic job schedule also meant that he wasn’t around too often.

Harry walked into the kitchen one morning, engrossed in his phone, and failed to acknowledge his wife and children. Without even saying hello, he took a bite of bread and withdrew to his room. Shortly after, he became agitated with Sara for neglecting to iron his white shirt before a crucial meeting.


Sara expressed her frustration, saying that up until now, she hadn’t had enough whites to do a full load of laundry. She told him he was overreacting and that what really important was his presentation. Harry, though, persisted in their argument, mocking Sara and berating her for not doing anything at home.

Sara was devastated by these cruel remarks. Despite giving up her career to support her family, her efforts went unnoticed. Harry got a note from Sara later that day declaring her desire for a divorce. He was perplexed to learn that she had been brought to the hospital.


To see Sara, Harry hurried to the hospital. He was told by the physicians that she was having a slight attack and that he would only be able to spend a short while with her. She was adamant about leaving, despite his best efforts to persuade her otherwise.

Following her hospital discharge, Sara moved out of their house, leaving Harry to care for their kids by himself. He was put in a challenging situation because he had to juggle his new duties and his employment.

Harry found it difficult to fulfill deadlines at work and frequently arrived late as the days passed. His friend and supervisor voiced concerns about his work and warned him that he could have to fire him.


In a state of desperation, Sara called Harry and stated that she desired exclusive custody of their kids. They clashed over parental rights and who should have been held accountable for the children’s desertion.

In the end, the judge awarded full custody to Sara in the custody dispute. Harry was heartbroken by this because he had been their sons’ primary caregiver over Sara’s six-month absence.

Harry was mandated to pay child support by the judge, despite being granted visiting rights. When Sara finally got to take the kids with her, it was a moment filled with mixed emotions. The sons refused, saying they wanted their mother and father in their lives.

Sara was moved by their plea and understood the need of both parents being active for the children. She gave her sons a firm hug, knowing they needed their parents’ love and support.

It’s critical to recognize the dedication and selflessness of mothers who choose to stay at home. They are essential to running the home and rearing the kids. Recalling to appreciate and honor their work is important.


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