Sneaking Out of the Restaurant

We have come a long way toward attaining pay parity for men and women in the modern world. Still, some people cling to antiquated notions that women shouldn’t be paid more.

A Modification in Conduct

Recently, a woman posted on Reddit about how receiving a 30% pay raise caused her fiancé to act differently toward her. After five months of engagement, they made the decision—at her fiancé’s request—not to divulge financial information. She did observe, though, that he began to urge her to foot the bill for him and his buddies using her higher earnings. He would respond, “The 30% that’s why,” if she refused or asked why she should pay. He was behaving as though she didn’t deserve the 30% raise or that it was unfair.


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To make matters worse, she was determined not to allow him to con her once more into paying for him and his cronies. She said that he had requested her to pay for their lunches on multiple occasions in public, and that she had grudgingly accepted since she was a nice person who shies away from conflict. But on Tuesday, she made it quite apparent that she would not be covering the cost of their meal when they were having dinner with his buddies. She felt reassured by her fiancé, who said, “I got this” and “no worries.”


Slipping Away

However, he informed her in a whisper that she would be paying for the entire table while they were still eating. She snapped back, whispering “no” with firmness. He attempted to capitalize on her reluctance to make a commotion in public by reminding her of her 30% increase and making the suggestion that she could afford to pay for everyone, knowing that he depended on it.

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Despite her inner rage, she chose not to respond badly. Rather, she paid for her own lunch, waited for the bills to arrive, then excused herself to the bathroom. Leaving her fiancé alone at the table, she then discreetly left the restaurant, got into her car, and drove home.


Repercussions and Introspection

Not surprisingly, her fiancé began to panic and text her, asking where she had disappeared. In response, she expressed her displeasure at how he had misled her into paying for his and his friends’ dinners and placed her in that predicament. She informed him that she was going home and that they would not be speaking again.

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When he did get home, there was a furious dispute. He labeled her as cheap, irrational, selfish, and juvenile for slinking off and leaving him with an unpaid bill that required his brother’s assistance to settle. After a while, he stormed out. His buddies said nothing at all during the whole incident, but he told her that they were disappointed in her actions and that they thought he should think carefully about the kind of lady he wanted to marry.

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