Shannen Doherty Shares Candid Video to Raise Awareness about Cancer

Starring in “Charmed,” Shannen Doherty has been fighting stage 4 breast cancer with bravery since February 2020. Before having surgery to remove a brain tumor, the 52-year-old actress shared a frank behind-the-scenes video on Instagram in an attempt to bring attention to and put light on her current health issues.

Doherty shared her worry and her courage in the touching post, “16 January 2023. Surgery,” which had as its caption. “I’m trying to be brave, but I’m terrified,” she said.

The actress struggled with intense anxiety about possible bad consequences, leaving her mother behind, and not being able to recognize herself after surgery. She aimed to demonstrate to her audience that this is what cancer might appear like.

Shannen Doherty undergoing radiation therapy

Last week, Doherty said that a CT scan had showed brain metastases, or the spread of cancer cells from their original site to her brain. She posted a video of herself receiving radiation treatment in spite of her worries. “My fear is evident,” she murmured. However, this is one way that cancer may appear. The timing of it all, the uncertainty, and the anxiousness.

Doherty has consistently updated her fans on her treatment plan and stayed transparent and honest with them throughout her cancer struggle. She recognizes the value of informing others about the facts regarding cancer and spreading awareness of the disease. Is everything looking pretty? she remarked in an earlier Instagram picture. NO, but it’s accurate. And by sharing, I hope that everyone will learn more and get a better understanding of what cancer looks like. She urged others who followed her to get regular exams and mammograms, as well as to address any health issues head-on.


Many have been inspired by Doherty’s bravery and resilience, and she still receives support from her amazing doctors, such as Dr. Amin Mirahdi, and the hardworking technicians at Cedar Sinai. Doherty thanked everyone and said she was feeling fantastic at a recent Charmed panel. She thanked her incredible crowd for their resolute support.

Shannen Doherty reminds us that cancer is a battle that impacts many people, regardless of fame or status, with her open videos and updates. Her words serve as an exhortation to everyone to step up their awareness, compassion, and proactiveness in the battle against cancer. To make a difference, let’s support Shannen Doherty and everyone else dealing with this illness by raising awareness and providing our support.

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