Rachel McAdams: Empowered by Choosing to Leave Hollywood

With successful roles in popular films like Mean Girls, Wedding Crashers, and The Notebook, Rachel McAdams gained notoriety in the mid-2000s. Nonetheless, at the pinnacle of her popularity, she took the audacious decision to give up acting. McAdams gave an explanation of her decision and how it gave her a sense of empowerment in a recent interview with Bustle. She said she had no regrets.

The unexpected surge in fame that accompanied McAdams’ breakthrough performances in Mean Girls and The Notebook in 2004 overwhelmed her. She told Bustle, looking back on her ascent to fame, “You don’t go to drama school to learn how to deal with that.” How to do that is not covered in any manual. She reevaluated her route due to the expectations put on her as a celebrity, which included awkward requests for photo shoots.

McAdams made the decision to leave Hollywood and move back to her home country of Canada because she felt the need to put her health and personal development first. She genuinely felt it was essential for her identity and sanity, even though she knew she was in a fortunate position and might have missed out on special possibilities. She declined well-known blockbuster films including Casino Royale, Iron Man, The Devil Wears Prada, and Mission Impossible III while she was on leave.

McAdams acknowledges that sometimes he regrets turning down those high-end projects. She is adamant that everything happened for the best, nevertheless. She said to Bustle, “There are definitely times when one wishes they had done something.” “But after taking a step back, I realize that was the right person for that.”

Even while McAdams had doubts during her acting hiatus, she now views it as a time that gave her confidence. She went through a different doorway and felt in charge of her life and profession again. She was able to return to Hollywood stronger than ever because to her newly discovered empowerment.


McAdams has had amazing success since coming back. She has acted in popular movies like Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, Game Night, Doctor Strange, Sherlock Holmes, and About Time. She was nominated for an Oscar for her superb performance in Spotlight, which went on to win the Best Picture Oscar.

For her most recent film, McAdams adapted Judy Blume’s well-loved young adult novel Are You There, God, It’s Me, Margaret. This month will see the release of the movie.

Rachel McAdams deserves praise for her bravery in taking the necessary time off. Her choice to put her health first is inspirational because she is a Hollywood celebrity, which can be an extremely demanding profession. She’s back, and she looks amazing!

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