Prostate Cancer: A Crucial Message for Older Men

It’s not always the case that prostate cancer gets the attention it merits. However, the adored “The Young and the Restless” star Eric Braeden has talked candidly about his personal struggle with the illness. Braeden, who is eighty-two, wants to educate other men about the value of early detection.

Braeden disclosed that the first misdiagnosis of his prostate cancer caused a delay in the initiation of therapy. His determination to tell his tale and inspire others to prioritize their health has only been heightened by this experience. “I just want men to understand they shouldn’t fear it,” he remarked in an Entertainment Tonight interview. I want them to understand the significance of getting regular checks for their prostate, bladder, and colon.

Our prostate naturally enlarges with age, which can cause a variety of urinary issues. However, on sometimes, these symptoms may point to a more serious problem, such prostate cancer. Braeden wants guys to know that going to the bathroom a lot can indicate that more research is necessary. He stresses that the first step in overcoming anxiety and obtaining the necessary medical care is being knowledgeable.

Braeden’s personal journey commenced subsequent to his knee replacement surgery. Unbeknownst to him, a second opinion revealed the presence of high-grade cancer cells close to his bladder. He decided to act upon this discovery and began his six-week immunotherapy treatment. He hopes that older men would watch and take note of the lessons he provides in this candid Facebook Live video about his experiences.

Although receiving a cancer diagnosis might be frightening, Braeden wants to stress how important it is to remain educated and seek advice from medical experts. He exhorts men to act on their dread rather than ignoring their symptoms. We can conquer our anxieties and take the required actions in the direction of a healthy future by being proactive and truthful about our health.


So, heed the advice of Eric Braeden if you are an older man or know someone who is. Plan those routine examinations, have your prostate, colon, and bladder examined, and don’t be afraid to get a second opinion if necessary. By working together, we can defeat prostate cancer and make sure that more men obtain reliable, timely diagnoses.

Never forget that early detection can save your life and that your health matters. Let’s get the word out and motivate everyone to put their health first.

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