Amy Roloff of Little People speaks candidly about her family amid a severe sibling conflict.

The mother of the Little People, Big World family, Amy Roloff, admitted that she is hurt by her children’s arguments, which are seriously dividing the family. Amy Roloff is trying to preserve the unity of her already fractured family.

The family has split apart since departing the farm, which was the Roloff kids’ play area and center of activities when they were little and is currently rife with conflict.

In 2006, audiences started following the life of the Little People, Big World (LPBW) family. The sitcom stars Molly and Jacob, the dwarf fraternal twins Jeremy and Zachary, Amy, 60, her ex-husband Matt Roloff, 61, and their four kids.

We extend a warm greeting to Jeremy’s wife Audrey and their three kids, Zach and his wife Tori and their three kids, Jacob and his wife Isabel and their baby, and Molly and her partner. The family will grow thanks to Amy’s new husband Chris Marek and Matt’s fiancée, Caryn Chandler, a former employee of Roloff Farms.

Amy recently said that she misses her seldom-seen kids in a live chat with a friend. Regarding Molly, who is now 29 years old, Amy continued, “so yeah, I haven’t seen her in a while, since January, and I miss my daughter.”


Little Jacob has grown tired of the concept behind the show, and there have been many problems in the Roloff household since Amy and Matt’s marriage collapsed.

At the age of 18, Jacob, the youngest son, left the reality show, claiming that the crew was controlling the talks of family members. He gave an explanation, saying, “I decided quite some time ago that I would not be a part of it as soon as I was able to because I see how the crew’s agenda doesn’t work well with the health and happiness of our family.”

The 26-year-old said, “The family shown in the movie is not my family.” I don’t want to be like them or have anything in common with them; they are the Roloff Characters. Nevertheless, it appears as though they never played the part because the cameras are off.

Molly left the reality show, moved out with her husband Joel Silvius, and started working as an accountant.


Jacob did, however, accept Matt’s invitation to come back to the $4 million property. Now, Jacob helps Matt full-time on the farm, lives in a five-wheeler with his wife and child Mateo, and works as an assistant to Matt.

His actions intensified the competition between him and his brothers, who had experienced their father’s flat rejection of their attempts to buy the land. Matt used to focus his Instagram posts on the twins and their kids, but these days it’s all about Caryn, the farm, and Jacob’s family.

But the battle started even before Jacob bought a piece of land next to the popular pumpkin field.

Even after his parents’ issues were resolved, agnostic Jacob and Christian marriage blogger Audrey are still at odds.

Jacob called off his 2017 Christmas engagement with his prospective bride on social media following criticism from the parenting blogger.


Matt, Amy, and a few of his siblings were overjoyed to learn of the engagement. However, Audrey had other ideas and decided to openly confront him in a post that appeared to be addressed to Isabel and Jacob.

Audrey made the following remarks about dating from a Christian perspective:Let’s say you recently threw caution to the wind and jumped right into a relationship, experiencing a little bit of sexual intimacy before falling in love. According to rumors, Audrey mentioned that Jacob dated Isabel before to their marriage.

She stated in her negative essay that “as time passes, your friends and family may voice concerns about the person you’re dating.” However, you will be unable to reason with them since all you would be able to see is perfection. This is a really big problem.

After a brief break, Audrey’s divisive posts in January 2019 reignited their argument, with some of her followers calling her a bigot for her opinions on LGBTQ people and Black Lives Matter.


A person who talked to RadarOnline said that Jacob distanced himself from the two again.

It’s common knowledge that he and Audrey don’t get along. He feels that she is overly judgmental, and I assume that his brothers are the reason he no longer wants to see her.

The disagreement between Jacob and Audrey is not the only one that exists in the home.

Viewers saw Matt and Amy fight over who would receive the land after their 2016 breakup and subsequent transfer into new partnerships. Although Amy said she was “pressured” into giving her ex-husband her portion of the land, she continued, “I thought by [giving him the farm] I would make it more bearable that maybe of one of the kids… I was unaware of what was going on at the moment. I’m amazed by it.


Amy alluded to the lingering tension that arose in season 22 between Zach and Matt. Supporters were incensed at the elder Roloff, whose puzzling conclusions were called into doubt for deceiving his son and keeping him from buying the property. In reaction to the outpouring of hate, Matt shared a photo of Jacob, Isabel, and Zach’s son on Instagram and wrote, “I caught up a bit on recent social media posts… people are frustrated and angrier than normal.” I understand. On the other hand, propagating hate over the internet is a horrible way to live.

Zach said in a season 23 episode, “We want to live somewhere we can see our family for a long time, and where we’re at right now is not that location.” He was excited to bring up his three kids on the farm.

There might also be a conflict between wives Audrey and Tori, who for whatever reason chose not to talk to each other, though neither side has verified it.

Regarding Amy, she continues to be the anchor of the family and provides for each of her offspring. After Zach had emergency surgery for his shunt in February, his grandmother shared a photo of her son in the hospital with the caption, “I’ve been watching the grandkids, so she (Tori) has been able to be with him.” It’s been so much fun having the kids; Tori and Zach are troopers. He will be back in one or two days.


Viewers witnessed the highs and lows of the Roloffs, a family that taught many of us about dwarfism, over the course of 24 seasons. We are sorry that they continue to have issues, and we hope that they will be resolved quickly. Which LPBW experiences are the most memorable to you?

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